Core Values

At Jaeckle Distributors, values matter. These are the standards to which we hold ourselves. We believe that living these values make us better business partners, better people, and even better parents, kids, and friends.

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Do the Right Thing

Treat others with respect. Always.

Act with integrity at all times

Give feedback / accept feedback

Recognize great performance

Seek to understand
Use common sense. It always leads you to the “right thing”  



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Do the Little Things that make a Big Difference

Pay attention to detail

Be flexible

Support each other

Go the extra mile

Say “thank you”




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Take Ownership

Don’t wait to be told what to do, identify what needs to be done

Create positive outcomes and achieve results, despite obstacles

Meet deadlines and honor commitments

Take pride in the work we do

Be financially responsible



Innovate to Add Value.jpg

Innovate to Add Value

Seek continuous improvement

Embrace Technology

Know how customer needs are changing

Always ask if there is a better way

Be adaptable



Support a Postive.jpg

Support a Positive and Fun Environment

Be friendly, positive, and passionate team-player

Understand that we are one company; one team

Don’t take ourselves too seriously

Celebrate success

Show appreciation 

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