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Product Announcements

Below you will find news and information about our latest product announcements. Check back regularly to stay up to date on news about our existing product lines.

Be Inspired by the New 2018 Avonite Palette

Visualize endless possibilities with Avonite’s new 2018 color palette. With colors ranging from subtle to bold and warm to cool, these new additions are sure to inspire.  

White Collection

Two new colors, Porcelain 8066 and Ice Blue 8298, have been added to the Avonite White collection. Porcelain offers a solid white option for a crisp and clean feel, while the beautifully cool translucence of Ice Blue can brighten and transform any environment.

Nature Inspired

Avonite’s four new nature-inspired colors are sure to complement any environment. Morning Tundra 7503 features an earthy neutral base filled with warm tan and white accents. Rivers Edge 7506 offers a mid-tone natural hue with black, tan, clear, and white particles. Storm 7738 is a lighter neutral flecked with warm touches of black, tan, brown, and ivory. Galactic Ice 7790 is the lightest of the new nature-inspired colors, featuring a cool white hue filled with clear chips and tiny flecks of black. The natural visual texture of these new additions can make any space feel inviting.


The 2018 Avonite palette includes six particle-free, monochromatic options ranging from neutral to daring. Dove Grey 8231 and Smoke 8280 offer two new choices for those seeking a clean, minimal gray surface. For those looking for a bold statement, Avonite has also added four colorful options: Antique Blue 8258, Azul 8284, Mango 8268, and Fuego 8248. These brilliant hues of blue, yellow, and red are sure to make an impact in any space.

Concrete Collection

Avonite has also added new color options to their Concrete collection. These neutral toned products range from cool to warm and feature a rugged concrete feel. Signal 7826 and Vintage Concrete 7857 showcase warmer natural hues, while New Concrete 7842 and Dove Shimmer 7856 are cooler in tone. The depth of pattern in these new color options makes them an elegant alternative for those who prefer a minimalist look but are looking to move away from solid neutrals.

Movement Collection

The colors of the Movement collection are also included in this year’s Avonite palette. Altitude 8901, Morning Mist 8904, Torrent 8903, and Summit 8905 are characterized by a warm, free-flowing visual texture. The natural feel of the Movement Collection will inspire your surroundings and empower you to create bold design statements.

Studio Collection

Two additional colors have been added to the Studio Collection. Whimsy 8609 has a cool neutral background mixed with layers of crushed petals available in an accent color of your choice. The honey-inspired hue of Honey Onyx 8750 offers an intriguing translucent quality. Either of these color options creates a strong statement in any environment.

To view all of the colors included in the 2018 Avonite palette, visit

Be Inspired by the New 2018 Avonite Palette

ADURA®MaxAPEX: A New Level of Sophistication

New from Mannington, ADURA®MaxAPEX takes the waterproof core and sound dampening construction of ADURA®Max and adds a whole new level of style. Featuring on-trend designs, contemporary colors, embossed-in-register detail, and painted bevels, these worry-free products are sure to make your floors look amazing.


Aspen is a refined European Oak pattern enriched by natural cracks, unique knots, fine graining, and painted edges. With stunningly wide 8” x 72” planks, this design lends itself to a range of styles, from rustic to contemporary. Aspen is available in four colors: Frost, Timber, Ash, and Bark.

Chart House

Chart House fully embraces the drama of the rustic-chic trend and will make a statement in any space. Featuring a 6” x 36” plank format, this pattern features time-weathered wood visuals. Each multi-length plank boldly mimics the rabbets, paint degradation, and color of shiplap for an incredibly dynamic texture. Chart House is available in four colors: Anchor, Shiplap, High Tide, and Deck.


Hilltop is a perfect choice for those looking to capture the visual beauty of traditional reclaimed wood. These variable width planks (4”, 6”, and 8” x 48”) feature a hickory visual with a unique hand-staining technique that enhances saw marks and knot holes for added depth and realism. Hilltop is available in four classic colorations: Cliffside, Trail, Cavern, and Acorn.


In capturing the timeless beauty of White Oak, Hudson embodies the shift of the rustic trend toward refined visuals. This style features variable width planks of 4”, 6”, and 8” x 48”, and its whitewashed and wirebrushed texture gives any dwelling a modern, urban feel. Hudson is available in three colors: Stucco, Cobblestone, and Brownstone.


Napa is a character oak look that combines cerused, wirebrushed graining with a textured surface containing deep knots, mineral streaks, and painted edges. This versatile style is available in an exceptionally long 8” x 72” plank format, and it comes in four color options: Dry Cork, Tannin, Barrel, and Spirit.

Spalted Wych Elm

The captivating pattern of Spalted Wych Elm make a stylish statement that can range from traditional to modern. Each character-filled 8” x 72” plank combines unique organic spalting, rich tonal variation, and painted beveled edges to create a beautiful, harmonious floor. Spalted Wych Elm is offered in five colorations: Dew, Mushroom, Wild Flower, Foliage, and Soil.

ADURA®MaxAPEX: A New Level of Sophistication

Introducing Trends in Laminate

Trends in Laminate is a multi-layer flooring product comprised of an inner core, a photographic layer, and a clear protective layer that have been fused together through a lamination process. The photographic layer delivers realistic wood visuals, while the protective layer provides resistance to staining, scratching, fading, and other types of wear. Trends in Laminate pairs the stunning colors and textures of hardwood with the exceptional durability of laminate flooring.

Realistic Visuals

The paper is embossed in register, a process which enhances the authentic feel of the planks by perfectly aligning the embossed texture with the patterns of the photographic layer. Every plank also has a beveled and painted edge to further enhance the genuine representation.

Incredible Durability

Boasting a 25 year warranty, Trends in Laminate is expertly manufactured to withstand any busy lifestyle. Its protective top layer is resistant to scratches, stains, dents, and other signs of wear.

Wider Planks

Wide planks offer solutions for all spaces, bringing balance to larger rooms and making smaller rooms appear more open. Whether you prefer a traditional rustic look or favor a more modern style, the widths available can help you realize your vision.

For more information about Trends in Laminate, visit

Introducing Trends in Laminate