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Product Announcements

Below you will find news and information about our latest product announcements. Check back regularly to stay up-to-date on news about our existing product lines.

Mannington Restoration™ Floors Collection

Mannington Restoration™ goes where no laminate has gone before

Bathrooms • Laundry Rooms • Mudrooms 

Life is messy. SpillShield™ takes the worry out of everyday mishaps. 

Industry’s first moisture-wicking technology 

SpillShield is a factory-applied, moisture-resistant coating that is exclusively available on Mannington Restoration Collection laminate floors. SpillShield protects the floor from everyday spills and messes by keeping moisture from penetrating the plank. 

Exclusively on Mannington Restoration Collection floors 

SpillShield is on Mannington's Restoration collection products and sets a new standard for durability and performance. Restoration already offers the beauty and sophistication of reclaimed hardwood, and it is now enhanced with this incredible new performance technology. 

Covered by a worry-free warranty 

Floors protected by SpillShield will not be damaged by ordinary spills and pet messes that are removed within 72 hours. So when life happens, you’ll have peace of mind.

Mannington Restoration™ Floors Collection
Mannington Restoration™ Floors Collection

Introducing Trends in Rigid

We are excited to introduce Trends in Rigid, a new flooring category that raises the standard in beautiful, high performance resilient flooring. Constructed on a single, homogeneous platform, Trends in Rigid unites impressive visuals with unprecedented strength, dimensional stability, and damage resistance to create an outstanding solution for commercial and residential installations.

Waterproof core with a lifetime guarantee

Trends in Rigid solid rigid core is waterproof, making it perfect for installation in bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, and other areas where topical moisture can present problems. Trends in Rigid products carry a lifetime waterproof warranty. 

Surfaces fortified by Adore®’s Duramond™ technology

Trends in Rigid has a much greater density than that of traditional composite flooring, resulting in enhanced dimensional stability, damage resistance, and indentation resistance. Trends in Rigid’s fortified surfaces are easy to maintain and resistant to the wear and tear of everyday living.

Fast, secure, and easy installation

Trends in Rigid is the fastest, most secure, and easiest click installation in its category. Uniform density nearly eliminates telegraphing and allows for installation over existing subfloors including concrete, hardwood, ceramic, and vinyl.

Commercial and residential options

Trends in Rigid floors share the same stunning visuals over two product line specifications: Monarch (residential solid rigid core) and Sovereign (commercial solid rigid core).

Introducing Trends in Rigid

Fresh New Caesarstone Hues for your Home

Caesarstone has invigorated their collection with four brand new colors with unique depth and coloration for any style. Bring the standout styles of Rugged Concrete, Montblanc (shown above), Moorland Fog, and Turbine Grey into your home. New, beautiful colors with the same Caesarstone durability you know and love.

Rugged Concrete

A medium grey base camouflaged by billows of white, this Caesarstone color is appealing to both men and women and is well-suited for a chic, urban loft for a modern, unfinished edge. It can also mix with softer décor motifs to add a warm, rustic charm.


Montblanc features a classic, delicate light grey base enhanced with unique natural veins. The dominant, warm grey veins have a special structure that varies from thick and rich to thin and refined. Montblanc adds a new, heightened perspective to your space.

Moorland Fog

A rich, creamy, light-colored base tinted with a touch of taupe is embellished by the movement of swirled veins in light brown, dark brown, and grey tones. This Caesarstone color is a contemporary interpretation of classic natural stones.

Turbine Grey

Turbine Grey is versatile and can thrive in surfaces of both grand expanses or moderate spaces. Nature’s elements are at play in this Caesarstone color that has the spirit to live anywhere, from family-friendly spaces to vintage places.

Fresh New Caesarstone Hues for your Home