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Jaeckle Distributors is proud to offer many environmentally conscious products for residential and commercial use. Below are brief descriptions of our vendors' green products and the efforts they have made to protect the environment.


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Ark Floors

Ark's Green Story


For designers and architects pursuing LEED recognition, Avonite Surfaces Products contributes to points for Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovative Design. With eight colors to choose from, more and more designers are turning to Avonite Surfaces as the Sustainable Design partner of choice in the surfacing market. These eight Recycled Products are SCS Certified for a minimum of 40% pre-consumer recycled content as Avonite Surfaces continues to be the innovation leader in the surfacing industry for sustainable design.

Berry Laminate

Berry Floors and the Environment

Berry Floor: Doing the environmentally responsible thing to preserve our planet for future generations.


Bostik's Green Mission

As a global leader in adhesives, coatings and sealant technologies, Bostik continuously strives to commercialize products that minimize environmental impact and promote the health and well being of our customers. Bostik shall demonstrate these objectives by achieving compliance with the most rigorous standards set forth by industry recognized green building authorities.


Florim USA brochure


ETERNA is fully committed to ensuring superior forest management practices and is very proud that its manufacturing processes are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, an international organization whose mission is to promote environmentally appropriate, socially responsible, and economically viable management of the world’s forests.

Environmentally conscious resources, ethical harvesting, VOC, solvent and formaldehyde-free finishes, anti-bacterial treatment, residue recycling, FSC Certification – all are testament to ETERNA’s heritage as a friend of the environment and to the organization’s contribution to our client’s well being, comfort and overall quality of life.

Florida Tile

Florida Tile's tile and stone products have received GREENGUARD certification. GREENGUARD certification says that the products won't contribute to indoor air problems.

GREENGUARD Certification is broadly recognized and accepted by a number of "green" building programs, including the United States Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED program.

Hardie Backer

Green Sell Sheet


Johnsonite and the Environment

What goes around comes around. And the longer it takes things to go around, the less impact they have on the environment. That’s why we believe in making high-performance floors that go around for a long time – up to 30 years.

We also believe that truly sustainable products must be good for the environment, good for people and good for the bottom line. Some people call that the Triple Bottom Line. We call it good business. It’s how sustainability becomes sustainable. So our goal is to develop solutions that serve the Triple Bottom Line. Solutions like UnderLock, a multi-functional rubber tile that can be re-used. It’s good for the environment because it’s made from recycled materials. It’s good for people because it’s safe and slip-resistant and contributes to good indoor air quality. And it provides excellent return on investment.

LM Flooring

LM Flooring's Green Story

Engineered Advantage
Compared to solid wood floors, engineered hardwood floors yield up to three times more square feet of floor covering per tree harvested. Our floors are guaranteed to last a lifetime, which means that several generations of old-growth forests will mature (from seed to harvest) in the time that it takes to replace one of our floors.

Sustainable Design
Forest footprint is up to 10 times less than other engineered wood flooring manufacturers. This is because most of our products are constructed of 85-95% recycled hardwood or rapidly renewable hardwood, which translates into far less old-growth trees harvested per square foot of flooring that we produce.

Rapidly Renewable Materials
Cross-ply constructed products are comprised of 83-100%
rapidly renewable materials. Our fast-growing plantation hardwood trees grow up to 90 feet tall within a 6-10 year harvest cycle. Most engineered wood flooring products are constructed of 100% old-growth hardwood trees, which require up to 30-60 years per harvest cycle.

FSC Hardwood
Actively supports forestry management and illegal-logging ban initiatives in pursuit of protecting our industry from illegal and unfair business practices at the expense of one of earth's most precious resources. We are members of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and our factory is FSC certified (certificate# SGS-COC-2901) to produce FSC certified flooring.

Recycled Waste-to-Energy
Our factory recycles nearly 100% of our wood waste material. Most of the sawdust and culled wood remaining from our manufacturing processes is diverted from landfills and incinerators and transferred to our on-site power plant to help generate energy for our factory.
Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing

As an ISO 14001 factory (Certificate # -SGS CH05/0169), we are among a very select group of wood flooring manufacturers which meet the most stringent environmental management standards. Our factory undergoes annual independent audits which monitor our impact on surrounding habitats (air, water & land) and improvements thereof.


Mannington and the Environment


Download Panolam PDF
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Panolam Industries/Pionite understands that when a company is dedicated to doing things right, we also have a responsibility
to do the right things. We’ve opened our doors to regulators, our neighboring communities, and our
customers, because we want to let you know that we’re as proud of our environmental initiatives as
we are of the quality of our products.


LEED information for National Gypsum


At Somerset we believe being environmentally friendly is an important part of being customer friendly. Somerset is a vertically integrated forest product company and one of the largest manufacturers of Appalachian lumber and hardwood flooring in the United States. We own and manage timberlands and are one of the largest lumber buyers in our region. Be being vertically integrated, we are able to manage the entire manufacturing process – from the forest to floor – making it the best use of our natural resources. We work hard to be a different kind of company; one that puts the customer first. This drives everything we do – from how we answer the phone, to the steps we take to be environmentally friendly and responsible.

We take great care to use nature’s raw materials as efficiently and effectively as possible, while giving back to insure that our timberlands are healthy and thriving to meet the needs of future generations. No only are we committed to managing our forests though exceeding Best Management Practices (BMP), but throughout our manufacturing process, we help to conserve energy by making use of the entire tree – so that no part is wasted. The goal of all our operations is to produce the best possible natural products to enhance your home, your life, and your environment.

Somerset is proud to be a member of AHMI. Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc. (AHMI) has verified data from the U.S Forest Service that timber harvesting form the Appalachian Hardwood Territory as defined by AHMI is able to meet present needs without compromising those of future generations sustainably.


W.F. Taylor Co. Inc. ("Taylor") manufacturers state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly adhesives and epoxies for the installation of floor covering products such as resilient flooring, carpet, wood, ceramic tiles, and vinyl composition tiles. Taylor was an environmental pioneer in the adhesives industry, seeking environmentally friendly or "green" products before it became fashionable or even profitable to do so. For more information on Taylor's GREENGUARD Certified Adhesives, contact W.F. Taylor at (800) 868-4583 or visit their web site at

The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute awards GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification to W.F. Taylor's Meta-Tec Adhesive Solutions and Envirotec Healthguard Adhesives. Taylor is the first flooring adhesive manufacturer to subject their products to the scientifically rigorous testing of the GREENGUARD Certification Program. Both product lines met the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Standards and continue to be monitored to ensure their low emitting status.

Specifiers and contractors can use the Meta-Tec and Envirotec Healthguard adhesives in conjunction with GREENGUARD Certified Floorings to created spaces with ideal indoor air conditions. Until recently, the only choice a contractor or specifier had for flooring adhesives were products touting low-VOC content but could not be guaranteed to have minimal emissions. Many of these products release extremely high levels of chemical pollutants that can endanger the health and well-being of building occupants.

Learn about Taylors Meta-Tec MS-Plus Wood Flooring Adhesive.

Trends in Ceramic

Currently several states require healthcare facilities, schools, and hospitals to meet critical indoor air quality standards. Trends in Ceramic has no VOC’s or contain any dangerous chemicals. The raw materials used in the tile production are not toxic. When combinations of various clay and sand are fired at 1,800+degrees all the raw materials are fused together producing a product that will not hold mold, mildew, or hold other harmful germs and bacteria. Mapei and Bostik produce a wide range of installation products that contain no VOC’s. This means that when Trends in Ceramic is installed with proper setting materials and grout, the project will comply with indoor air quality standards. Trends in Ceramic is a perfect product for preventing poor indoor air quality.
Cleanliness: Maintenance is simple.  Warm water and neutral cleaners are the only cleaning products required.
Durability: A product's lifespan is an important factor to consider.  The expected life cycle of porcelain, ceramic and mosaic tile is 50 years (TCNA Study of Floor Covering Costs, 2006)
Cost-Efficiency: When the sun hits the tile, it absorbs the thermal energy and exhausts it over time, thus acting like a natural heater and reducing heating costs.
Non-Toxic: Ceramic tiles contain no VOCs that release gas prior to, during, or after installation.  Products that meet stringent VOC restrictions contribute to LEED credits for a project.
Resistance: Tile is resistant to extreme weather conditions, chemicals' impact, fire, water, moisture, temperature change, and UV rays; giving ceramics the edge in hard environmental stress situations.

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