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Ceramic Installation Tips

Did you know?

All polished and honed surface porcelain needs to be sealed with a penetrating sealer or grout release when using contrasting colored grout.

When installing elongated ceramic tile or porcelain (12x24, 6x24, 8x30) in a brick joint pattern, only offset the tile 30% or less. Do not do a 50% offset or you may see high edges in the middle of the tile.

When installing metal tiles, never use sanded grout or the metal will scratch. Metal tiles are not designed for wet areas like showers, but they are great for feature walls or a backsplash.

To assist with visualizing the different patterns avilable, and to see the formulas used to create an order for each pattern, you can download and view a pdf of our ceramic tile patterns.



Sobella Simple Rules - Download Sobella FAQ pdf

Loose Lay:

Always leave 1/8 inch space at vertical surfaces; no pinch points.

Undercut door casings.

Allow one seam only, adhered with 6 inch band of MT 711.

Never fasten cabinets or other objects on top of loose lay.

Cover edges with quarter round or baseboard.

Always cut seam using overlap and double cut method.

Full Spread:

Never force fit vinyl and leave a slight gap at vertical surfaces.

Make sure vinyl is flat and straight.

Sub floor prep is the same as regular vinyl.

This is the best method if there is heavy or rolling traffic.

This is the best method for complex layouts with an island or a peninsula.

Allows multiple seams (always double cut seams).

Full spread with MT 711 adhesive and the material must go into the adhesive while it is wet.

Gently lay material into wet adhesive and roll with min. 75 lb roller.

Seal all seams with full penetration of MLG 33 sealer.

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