Partnering With Jaeckle

When you partner with Jaeckle Distributors, our relationship goes beyond the typical transactional relationship that exists with so many companies today. Yes, we have deep inventories. Yes, we have a very quick turnaround time on orders. And yes, we have a broad and deep product offering. But we’re more than that…just ask our customers:

"Jaeckle Distributors has been Malkin’s distributor of record for over 30 years when it comes to Mannington, Florida Tile and the many other flooring related products they offer. Jaeckle’s level of professionalism, customer service, on time deliveries, claims response time and quality of the product are second to no one. Jaeckle Distributors is a family owned and operated business.  They treat us like one of the family. Jaeckle is also a company of yes! They always find a way to make it happen for their customers. If you are not doing business with Jaeckle Distributors, I highly suggest you do so!"
Marty Schallock - President/Owner, Malkin’s Carpets

"Doing business with Jaeckle Distributors Is a must if you are in the flooring industry. Their fast-to-answer customer service department, their highly responsive sales people, and their complete follow through process is critical for my ever-changing needs for materials.  Those things, along with Jaeckle’s next-day deliveries to job sites or my warehouse, are key components to success in serving my day-in and day-out business needs."
Jason Cione
 - President
, Chicago Floor System Corp.

“Jaeckle takes steps behind the scenes that other distributors don’t. Their people make it much easier to plan jobs with builders and our other customers, which is very important to us. Jaeckle is a major part of our company’s success.”
Doug Wells – Owner, McKinney’s Home Decorating

“I am always very confident whenever I place an order with Jaeckle or whenever I need any kind of help. You are SUPERB!”
Barb Smith – Carpet City

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