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Jaeckle Distributors & Premier Tile Website Merge

May 13, 2021

As Jaeckle Distributors and Premier Tile Corporation merge together under the Jaeckle Distributors name this spring and summer, you will notice updates to the Jaeckle Distributors website that reflect this change. The Premier Tile website will no longer exist as a separate page, and the Premier URL will begin to redirect visitors to the Jaeckle Distributors homepage.

The Jaeckle Distributors site has been updated to include details on the manufacturers available in traditional Premier Tile areas of the company footprint, and these new vendor additions can be viewed on the ‘All Products’ page. The ‘Locations’ and ‘Employees’ pages of the Jaeckle Distributors website have also been updated to include the information previously featured on the Premier Tile Corporation site.

Moving forward, the Jaeckle Distributors website will serve all customers from both the legacy Jaeckle footprint and the former Premier Tile footprint. We would like to thank all of our customers for adapting to these changes, and we look forward to providing you with any support you may need through the consolidated information on this Jaeckle Distributors site.