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Learn more about partnering with Jaeckle Distributors. Whether you're interested in B2B, online ordering, or you just want to know more about our incredible Credit, Claims, or Customer Service departments, we have many ways to support our customers.

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At Jaeckle Distributors, values matter. Our core values are the standards to which we hold ourselves. We believe that living these values makes us better business partners, better people, and even better parents, family members, and friends.

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Service Metrics

Accuracy Delivered

We work hard to ensure that a high level of quality control is maintained company-wide at Jaeckle Distributors. We asked our customers which service attributes are most important to them, and the five attributes below were the most commonly mentioned. We hold ourselves to high standards, and we’re proud to share our goals and performance with our customers.

Current Month Last 12 Months Goal
Warehouse Accuracy 99.62% 99.72% 99.80%
Customer Service Accuracy 99.70% 99.70% 99.50%
Days to Resolve Claims 6.9 days 6.1 days 13.3 days
Invoicing Accuracy 99.74% 99.42% 99.30%
Inventory Fill Rates 94.40% 94.00% 93.00%

Warehouse Accuracy

Our warehouse personnel work hard to ensure that our products are received correctly by our customers. Warehouse accuracy is the percentage of orders that are filled and shipped correctly. For example, at our current 99.80% accuracy rate, we will ship an average of 998 items correctly for every 1000 items filled. Last year we shipped out over 195,000 lines.   

Customer Service Accuracy

Our Customer Service team strives to give the best service possible and we support our customers in many ways.  One very important area of support is to ensure that we supply you with the correct products to the correct destination at the correct prices.  We take our service levels very seriously and measure our accuracy rate.  This is calculated by dividing the total number of lines that we enter by the number of correct lines that we enter.  Our goal is to be at 99.5% accuracy.  

Days to Resolve Claims

Regardless of the type of claim that you have, Jaeckle Distributors makes every effort to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. We understand how unpleasant a claim situation can be, and we eliminate those frustrations through timely communication and quick results. From the time we have received all information about the claim situation and inspection results (if an inspection was required), our goal is to have the claim resolved in 15 days or less.

Invoicing Accuracy

We know how important it is to you to have each invoice correct the first time.  Invoicing accuracy is calculated by dividing the total number of line items billed by the number of line items that are correctly billed.  This measure is very important to us, as it highlights our ability to deliver a correctly priced order, which saves you time and money.

Inventory Fill Rates

Jaeckle is committed to stocking the correct items and levels of inventory. Our fill rate percentage is the percentage of stocking items that are on hand and available at the time of order. This does not include non-stock or special-order items. We currently have stock on more than 11,000 individual items. We classify our items and give better selling items more priority and increased stock.  For example, Our "+" and "A" items, which make up most of our business, trend higher than 98% fill rates. We also track our fill rates for each individual customer. If you would like to see individual fill rates for your account, please contact Bill Simonson at or 800-236-7225 ext 5394.

Item ABC Class Descriptions

“+” Items = Items averaging daily sales

“A” Items = Items averaging 8+ sales per month

“B” Items = Items averaging 4-7 sales per month

“C” Items = Items averaging 1-3 sales per month

“D” Items = Items averaging <1 sale per month

Goals for each Item ABC Class

"+" Items = 99%

"A" Items = 97%

"B" Items = 95%

"C" Items = 92%

"D" Items = 80-90%