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Responsiveness Delivered

Jaeckle Distributors prides itself on providing quality products and service to our customers. However, we understand that sometimes problems do arise, resulting in the need to file a claim with the material manufacturer. When filing a claim is necessary, Jaeckle’s goal is to make the process as efficient and painless as possible while providing timely resolutions.

To get the process started…

Contact Jaeckle’s Claims Department in one of the following ways:

The following documentation may be required to file a claim:

  • Completed Claim Form. Most claim forms can be found in list of links below. Note: Though claim forms may be filled out online, they cannot be submitted through our website. You must save the completed form to your computer and attach it to an email or print it out and fax it.  
  • Labor Estimate. When a repair or replacement involves labor charges, the manufacturer will require a detailed labor estimate on your letterhead. 
  • Retailer Proof of Purchase. If an invoice number is provided, we can obtain this through our systems.  
  • Consumer Proof of Purchase. Many manufacturers require an invoice from you to the consumer showing that the end user purchased the product from you.  
  • Pictures or Samples. Depending on the situation, one or the other may be required. We will work with you to determine what is most appropriate or required by the manufacturer.
  • Onsite Inspection. Periodically, an onsite inspection may be required. In those instances, we will work to determine the best solution to obtain the needed information.

Download the appropriate claim form for your product to provide to our claims department:



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